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Terms & Conditions


 Buying jewelry online store, located on domain buyer agrees to the following:

1. The purchaser chooses jewelry presented in online catalog, send an order to the Seller, the Seller prepares its website on the Internet, enter part numbers,

size and number of selected products.

2. The Seller shall notify the Buyer of the receipt of the order (by the automatic expulsion of e-mail messages).

3. The seller undertakes to supply the jewelry according to the order, in the quantities and prices.

4. The Seller guarantees compliance of the design of the ordered product samples shown in the photos in the catalog.

Weight of products, as well as weight, size and number of inserts in the product may differ slightly from the declared in

catalog online store, due to the nature of the technological process of manufacturing jewelry


5. Seller guarantees compliance of jewelry quality.

6. Buyer agrees to properly and fully specify the name, phone number, postal address.

7. The buyer undertakes to meet Seller's courier in advance agreed time at the address of delivery.

8. All information provided by the Buyer to the Seller shall be confidential, except for the written

Buyer's permission to use this information and where required by international

legislation and / or authorities in compliance with the legal procedure.